Senior Director Paul Young talks about DriveAtlas trucking job opportunities for owner operators in this short video. From a drop & hook trailer delivery service division to 100% no-touch freight hauling and the well known household moving division, there are many opportunities currently available.

With additional benefits including a fuel discount program, flexible home time, no forced dispatches, free truck washes (4 per month), and more, DriveAtlas is not just another job opportunity. This can be a career for life.


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  • Transportation Safety Topics: Welcome, Summer!

    by Phoebe Hodina | Jul 10, 2014
    Summertime can bring road hazards, read the latest from Transportation Safety Topics.
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  • REMINDER: Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Jul 01, 2014
    This is a reminder that Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax for the taxable period July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015 must be paid to the Internal Revenue Service no later than August 31, 2014 for taxable vehicles used during July. The tax for vehicles placed into...
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  • Express Truck Tax: IRS 2290 Made Easy

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Jul 01, 2014
    Need to file your Form 2290? Atlas World Group and ExpressTruckTax have partnered to give you an unbeatable combination of price, value, and service to make filing your Form 2290 easy and convenient!
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  • An Oldie But Goodie - Most Interesting Things Moved by Atlas Movers

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Jun 27, 2014
    Just ran across this slideshow from a few years ago highlighting some of the most interesting things moved by Atlas movers. Check it out!
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  • AMSA Webinar: CSA Score Management

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Jun 24, 2014
    Join AMSA for their webinar which promises to tackle the ever challenging issue of improving your CSA Scores and your overall Safety Program. Instead of being reactive to an incident, you will learn how to be proactive in eliminating violations that drive up your CSA Scores....
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  • Atlas Professional Van Operator Scholarship

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Jun 09, 2014
    The Atlas Van Lines Professional Van Operator Scholarship is available to any Atlas U.S. - Qualified Professional Van Operator’s child who meets the eligibility requirements. Atlas U.S. - Qualified Professional Van Operators whose children are eligible for this scholarship include Atlas direct lease drivers, independent contractors leased to Atlas agents, Canadian Van Operators who are...
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  • Are You Drinking Enough Water?

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Jun 09, 2014
    Most healthy adults get enough to drink by letting their thirst guide them. But the exact amount you need depends on your weight, level of activity, the weather, and your general health. You may need more water if you...
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  • Be Aware of the Risks of Dristracted Driving - Transportation Safety Topics

    by Phoebe Hodina | Jun 09, 2014
    Understanding the risks of dristracted driving is important for everyone on the road. This article looks at imparied driving at all its risks, including legal.
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  • Medical Examination Report (Important for Current Atlas Van Operators/Drivers)

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Jun 09, 2014
    Important Message for current Atlas Van Operators/Drivers
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  • Trashawn Presha Memorial Fund

    by Aaron Chenoweth | May 21, 2014
    DMS Moving and Storage has established a memorial fund for the family of Trayshawn Presha who sadly lost his life in an accident Tuesday evening, May 13, in Birmingham Alabama. Anyone wishing to contribute to the fund can send donations...
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  • California Truck Regulation Compliance Requirements

    by Aaron Chenoweth | May 19, 2014
    Regarding the California Air Resources Board “CARB” laws....
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  • RSG Van Operators: New Atlas Inventory Stickers

    by Aaron Chenoweth | May 16, 2014
    New stickers have been tested and the new adhesive is much improved. You will have the option to purchase either the newest Inventory stickers or the older version. Prices and item numbers for each are listed...
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  • DriveAtlas Announces its Most Aggressive Driver Recruitment Initiative to Date

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Apr 17, 2014
    With significant growth on the horizon for its Direct Fleet, DriveAtlas™ announces plans to sign on 200 new owner operators by year’s end. This hiring is in response to a substantial shipment volume increase in household moving contracts, freight transportation, and logistics services throughout 2014. In addition, the company teamed...
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  • National Registry of Medical Examiners

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Apr 10, 2014
    Is the medical examiner you use for your DOT physical registered? Effective May 21, 2014, DOT physicals can only be provided by medical examiners that are on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). DOT physicals...
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  • Road Service PO Charges

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Mar 10, 2014
    Atlas Terminal Company (ATC) is happy to announce that there will be no price increases for road service PO charges for 2014. Because ATC knows how important it is to keep your units moving and controlling the cost of needed repairs, we have made a commitment to be a stronger advocate for you. This includes changing a few procedures, beginning with the announcement that Atlas agents will now be able to view the...
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  • Major Vehicle Inspections Due April 15, 2014

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Mar 10, 2014
    The next major vehicle inspection is due April 15, 2014 on each piece of equipment listed on the printout sent to your agency. PLEASE EXAMINE THE LISTING SENT TO THE AGENT AND ADVISE FLEET REGISTRATION, EXTENSION...
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  • Latest Safe Drivers Listing - February 2014

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Mar 10, 2014
    The following is the February 2014 Safe Drivers list. As always, your attention to safety is not only greatly appreciated, it is what keeps us in good standing with CSA and is evidence to our customers that Atlas is the best option for moving and products/exhibit transportation. Special recognition to the 12 on the list with over 1,000,000 safe miles, two of which who exceeded the 2,000,000 mark this month!
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  • Next PVO/Ops Meeting at Atlas HQ in Evansville, IN

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Mar 03, 2014
    Only three Professional Van Operator/Operations Management meetings remain in our 2014 schedule. Join us at Atlas Headquarters on March 15 in Evansville, Indiana. It is strongly recommended all Atlas PVO's and Operations Management make plans to attend one of the meetings this year to stay current on safety, CSA compliance, and other...
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  • OOIDA warns fuel-efficiency mandate will drive up the cost of equipment

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Feb 24, 2014
    The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) and its members are warning that the Obama administration’s proposed fuel-economy standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks could put the cost of new trucks out of reach for many of America’s hard-working professional truckers.
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  • What is the Shuttle Fleet?

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Feb 14, 2014
    If you ever pick up trucking mags while you are on the road, you have likely seen the ads, "DriveAtlas... Shuttle Fleet drop & hook trailer delivery service. Just Drive!" So, what is the Shuttle Fleet? The Shuttle Fleet is a nationwide drop-and-hook trailer delivery division of Atlas moving both loaded and empty trailers throughout the lower 48 states. This owner operator division is signed on directly to Atlas headquarters where we not only offer a high pay rate, our drivers don’t have to compete with company drivers for loads. We also pay all dispatched miles (loaded, empty and bobtail) and are...
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  • Latest Safe Drivers Listing - January 2014

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Feb 13, 2014
    The following is the January 2014 Safe Drivers list. As always, your attention to safety is not only greatly appreciated, it is what keeps us in good standing with CSA and is evidence to our customers that Atlas is the best option for moving and products/exhibit transportation. Special recognition to the 23 on the list with over 1,000,000 safe miles, five of which who exceeded the 2,000,000 mark this month!
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  • See You at MATS This Year??

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Jan 31, 2014
    We will be at MATS (Mid-America Trucking Show) again this year. Will you? Come see us at booth 69073 in the West Wing. If you are looking for a great career opportunity with a company who takes pride in building lasting relationship with their drivers, come see...
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  • URGENT: DEADLINE Jan. 30 for CDL Holders Self-Certify & Medical Certificate

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Jan 28, 2014
    The deadline for CDL holders to self-certify and submit a copy of their current medical certificate to their state DMV is January 30, 2014, and it is almost here! Safety is requesting the final round of motor vehicle reports (MVRs) to verify the required information is included on the driving record of all applicable Atlas CDL holders. If the MVR of an...
    Full story

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