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Huge Increase in Fuel Savings for Our Drivers! 

January 20, 2015
We have some new and exciting news to share with you regarding the fuel savings our drivers received last year. In 2014, the average savings off the pump price for our drivers was $.28 per gallon! So far in 2015, our average savings at the pump has been $.80!! Can you imagine how that can impact your take home??

On top of this,... we pay ALL fuel surcharge (loaded and empty miles) to our drivers and also make sure that we are paying top end of the industry; our current fuel surcharge is $.32. In addition, our drivers haul fuel-saving light loads that average between 15,000 - 25,000 lbs.

We are currently hiring or signing on...

Owner Operators in the Commercial Truckload Division, the Special Products Division, the Shuttle Fleet and the Corporate Relocation Division (household).

Company Drivers in our small Company Driver Shuttle Fleet (only 10 trucks total). Drivers in this group typically make between $50,000 - $60,000 annually with full medical/dental/vision insurance as an Atlas employee. We also pay five weeks time off per year, including vacation and holiday pay. 

If you are interested in an opportunity with an Atlas agency, please email

What is DriveAtlas?

Senior Director Paul Young talks about DriveAtlas trucking job opportunities for owner operators in this short video. From a drop & hook trailer delivery service division to no-touch freight hauling and the well known household moving division, there are many opportunities currently available.

With additional benefits including a fuel discount program, flexible home time, no forced dispatches, free truck washes (4 per month), and more, DriveAtlas is not just another job opportunity. This can be a career for life.


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Boost Income, Not Fuel Expense with DriveAtlas fleet fuel discounts
  • 2015 Benefit Offerings For 1099 Van Operators and Contractors

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Apr 01, 2015
    We are making some exciting changes this year for voluntary benefits that are available to you through your relationship with Atlas Van Lines. The information provided below will help you with enrollment the process. We have partnered with The Hays Companies and AmWINS to provide call center enrollment and communications support for the voluntary benefit plans offered to you and other agency contracted 1099 staff....
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  • Medical Examination Linked to CDL

    by Phoebe Hodina | Jan 20, 2015
    Effective January 30, 2015, in accordance with federal regulations, the medical examination information is to be linked to the van operator’s CDL, allowing the roadside inspectors and law enforcement the ability to check a van operator’s medical examination status by reviewing the driving record of the van operator.
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  • Latest Safe Drivers Listing - December 2014

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Jan 14, 2015
    The following is the December 2014 Safe Drivers list. In this month, we have 17 van operators (32% of this list!) who have exceeded 1,000,000 safe miles. Special recognition goes out to...
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  • Revisions to the 34-Hour Restart Rule

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Jan 02, 2015
    The restart provisions that went into effect on July 1, 2013 have been temporarily suspended. The newly signed law suspends the requirements for all qualifying restarts to include two consecutive periods of time between 1:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., and that it can only be used once every 168 hours (seven days). In other words, the...
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  • 2015 Professional Van Operator/Operations Management meeting

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Dec 31, 2014
    The 2015 Professional Van Operator/Operations Management meeting schedule has been determined. It is strongly recommended all PVO's and Operations Management make plans to attend one of the meetings.
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  • Atlas Agents: 25 Free ELD Units Claimed

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Dec 05, 2014
    Transportation Services bulletin 13 regarding Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) announced there were 25 units available for free to Atlas agents during the first part of December to any...
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  • Earn $500 Locating Trailers

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Nov 21, 2014
    As the end of the year approaches, Atlas Corporate Resources is ensuring that we have all trailers available for utilization in 2015. We are offering $500 to any agent or van operator who...
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  • HHG/RSG Van Operators: Customer Responsibilities/High Value Inventory Form

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Nov 17, 2014
    The intent of the Customer Responsibilities Guide/High Value Inventory Form is to assure that Atlas' COD and National Account HHG customers give Atlas ample notification of any items requiring special handling or any items of high value to be...
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  • HHG/RSG Van Operators: Avoiding Theft & Missing Items

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Nov 17, 2014
    Small, yet expensive electronic items are becoming everyday utensils which we depend on for routine tasks to go new places. In today's relocations, many customers have multiple iPads, cameras, phones, game systems and similar small electronics which are...
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  • Latest Safe Drivers Listing - October 2014

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Nov 17, 2014
    The following is the October 2014 Safe Drivers list. In this month, we have 13 van operators who have exceeded 1,000,000 safe miles, four of which have also exceeded 2,000,000! Special recognition goes out to...
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  • Cat Scale App Available for iPhone, iPad

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Nov 11, 2014
    Cat Scale Co. announced that its Weigh My Truck application now is available for iPhone and iPad. The app is designed to allow drivers to weigh their truck, pay for the transaction via PayPal and get the weights displayed on their smartphone without leaving the cab....
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  • ATA Encourages Vets to Consider Career in Trucking Industry

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Nov 11, 2014
    On this Veterans Day, American Trucking Associations leaders thanked the millions of men and women who have served their country with distinction, and encouraged those returning from service to consider joining thousands of other veterans in the trucking industry....
    Full story
  • HHG/RSG Van Operators: Handling and Transporting Safes/Gun Safes

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Oct 31, 2014
    Often a customer includes a locked safe/gun safe as part of a household goods shipment with the contents unknown to the carrier. The purpose of a safe is for the secure storage of its contents. The customer should be educated that the safe is not intended to be used as a "shipping container" and that the contents of the safe must be properly packed and/or packed and secured within the unit to protect against damage during...
    Full story
  • 15 Congressional Races and Why You Should Care

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Oct 31, 2014
    Why should you care about any of this fall’s Congressional races? During the week of Oct. 27, Transport Topics presents 15 Congressional Races and Why You Should Care – three per day. If you follow transportation, you’ll want to be in the know. And, tune in...
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  • Watching Out for Animals on the Road

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Oct 31, 2014
    While deer and other game pose a collision/accident risk, there are several things you can do to reduce that risk. According to State Farm, some of the best things you can do are: Stay alert, be especially vigilant during peak season, use headlights smartly...
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  • Cargo theft update: Load value jumps as thieves target high-value freight

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Oct 30, 2014
    The average loss value per cargo theft incident in the third quarter of 2014 jumped 100 percent from 2013’s third quarter $321,521, while the number of thefts fell, according to the quarterly cargo theft trends report from FreightWatch International....
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  • Military Installation Access Survey (To Atlas Agents)

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Oct 23, 2014
    Access to military installations is an ongoing challenge for all transportation companies doing work on military bases. The National Defense Transportation Association (NDTA) has undertaken an effort to gather information/data on the scope of the problem in order to...
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  • Military HHG Shipments: New Training materials Available from your Government Business Department

    by Aaron Chenoweth | Oct 21, 2014
    “Customer Service Soft Skills for Military Shipments,” the first in a series of interactive training presentations, is now available through Atlas Academy. The course, titled Military Customer Service, can be found in the Course Catalog under Atlas...
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