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HHG/RSG Van Operators: Customer Responsibilities/High Value Inventory Form

The intent of the Customer Responsibilities Guide/High Value Inventory Form is to assure that Atlas' COD and National Account HHG customers give Atlas ample notification of any items requiring special handling or any items of high value to be...

HHG/RSG Van Operators: Avoiding Theft & Missing Items

Small, yet expensive electronic items are becoming everyday utensils which we depend on for routine tasks to go new places. In today's relocations, many customers have multiple iPads, cameras, phones, game systems and similar small electronics which are...

HHG/RSG Van Operators: Handling and Transporting Safes/Gun Safes

Often a customer includes a locked safe/gun safe as part of a household goods shipment with the contents unknown to the carrier. The purpose of a safe is for the secure storage of its contents. The customer should be educated that the safe is not intended to be used as a "shipping container" and that the contents of the safe must be properly packed and/or packed and secured within the unit to protect against damage during...

RSG/HHG Van Operators: Cargo Claims Variable Charge Back 2013

Effective August 1, 2013 cargo claims variable charge backs will be updated to reflect...

HHG/RSG Van Operators: Bicycles Claims

Household Goods/RSG Van Operators: When we think of bicycles we usually think of kids playing and leisurely rides, but others take their cycling serious and invest in expensive equipment. The cost to...

HHG/RSG Reminder: Parts Box Use

Please take a moment to remind your crews of the importance of the proper usage of a Parts Box.

HHG/RSG: 2012 Customer Service Award

Atlas Household Goods and Relocation Services Group van operators, it is nearing the time for Claims Services to publish the recipients of the 2012 Customer Service Award.