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An Oldie But Goodie - Most Interesting Things Moved by Atlas Movers

Just ran across this slideshow from a few years ago highlighting some of the most interesting things moved by Atlas movers. Check it out!

AMSA Webinar: CSA Score Management

Join AMSA for their webinar which promises to tackle the ever challenging issue of improving your CSA Scores and your overall Safety Program. Instead of being reactive to an incident, you will learn how to be proactive in eliminating violations that drive up your CSA Scores....

Atlas Professional Van Operator Scholarship

The Atlas Van Lines Professional Van Operator Scholarship is available to any Atlas U.S. - Qualified Professional Van Operator’s child who meets the eligibility requirements. Atlas U.S. - Qualified Professional Van Operators whose children are eligible for this scholarship include Atlas direct lease drivers, independent contractors leased to Atlas agents, Canadian Van Operators who are...

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Most healthy adults get enough to drink by letting their thirst guide them. But the exact amount you need depends on your weight, level of activity, the weather, and your general health. You may need more water if you...

Be Aware of the Risks of Dristracted Driving - Transportation Safety Topics

Understanding the risks of dristracted driving is important for everyone on the road. This article looks at imparied driving at all its risks, including legal.

Medical Examination Report (Important for Current Atlas Van Operators/Drivers)

Important Message for current Atlas Van Operators/Drivers

Trashawn Presha Memorial Fund

DMS Moving and Storage has established a memorial fund for the family of Trayshawn Presha who sadly lost his life in an accident Tuesday evening, May 13, in Birmingham Alabama. Anyone wishing to contribute to the fund can send donations...

California Truck Regulation Compliance Requirements

Regarding the California Air Resources Board “CARB” laws....

RSG Van Operators: New Atlas Inventory Stickers

New stickers have been tested and the new adhesive is much improved. You will have the option to purchase either the newest Inventory stickers or the older version. Prices and item numbers for each are listed...

Latest Safe Drivers Listing - April 2014

The following is the April 2014 Safe Drivers list. In this month, we have 20 van operators who have exceeded 1,000,000 safe miles, three of which have now also exceeded 2,000,000!! Your attention to safety matters. Not only does it keep you running safely every day, but it ensures the safety of other motorists. Thanks for all you do to be responsible and thorough in your pre-trip inspections and in how you operate on a daily basis!