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Celebrating Our Dedicated PVOs!

For over six decades, our professional van operators (PVOs/drivers) have proven that only the best wear the Atlas stripes. As we dedicate this week to Boosting Recognition of Atlas Van Operators (BRAVO), Atlas agencies throughout North America join in this annual event by honoring our heroes of the highways.

Van Operator Appreciation Event Began many years ago with ROAD Day

In 1988, Atlas began celebrating a company-wide event, called ROAD Day (Recognizing Our Atlas Drivers), to thank these outstanding men and women who bring the trucks, the brains, and the brawn to moving. When the first ROAD Day arrived, just after the busiest season on record, Atlas van operators steered their rigs toward the nearest of any of the Atlas agencies. They were greeted by ROAD Day banners, employees wearing ROAD Day buttons, and refreshments—all in their honor.

The Event Expands to a Full Week!

As the years passed by, this tradition continued as a fun way for agency staff to get together with Atlas van operators and congratulate them on a job well done. However, one issue persisted throughout the history of this event. While ROAD Day was established as a day of appreciation for van operators, each year many van operators were not able to participate as they were either on the road or otherwise performing a move. At the start of 2011, a decision was made that instead of a single ROAD Day, Atlas would host a full week of appreciation in which van operators would have more opportunities to participate. Furthermore, instead of hosting the event after the busy season concludes, the first BRAVO Week was set just before the rush.

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Atlas Agents Open Their BRAVO Events to Other Drivers

Throughout this week, agencies in the U.S. and in Canada invite not only outstanding Atlas professional van operators. They welcome van operators from other carriers to attend as well. Why? This is a great opportunity for Atlas agencies to show off the advantages of becoming an Atlas van operator. BRAVO is a great ice breaker and a perfect excuse to invite other drivers out to meet an agency’s staff as well as the men and women currently driving for Atlas.

Atlas agencies responded with a full range of dates and activities. Nearly half of the participating agencies celebrated throughout the full week, while many others chose one, two, three, or four days of participation. From fully themed events with contests and catered meals to small cookouts or breakfasts, one constant remains throughout these celebrations: Atlas van operators are the best in the business.

So as we refer to this full week of dedication, we say BRAVO! Bravo to our Atlas professional van operators, their crews, our agencies, and to all of the operations, administration, sales, and other teams who support Atlas business.

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