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The Commercial Truckload Division is a small truckload/less-than-truckload division running coast-to-coast shipments of new products, office furniture, store fixtures and trade show items. 

Why is this Division Right for You?

Pay $1.​​3​​6 per mile (average in this division)
Freight Dry Van - Light loads of 15,000 - 25,000 lbs.
Bonus Annual mileage bonus beginning with $.03 per mile from 32,500 - 65,000 miles and $.04 on 65,000+ miles for the first year ($.10 on all miles over 65,000 in year two, and continued increases over time)
​Fuel Discount  Average $.​29 per gallon off the pump price last year
Benefits Fuel surcharge paid on all miles, free truck washes, free PrePass, weekly direct deposit, Comdata card, cell phone allowance and more! (see below)
Drivers 100% Owner Operators

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Commercial Truckload

Your Pay? We tell you Averages, not "Up to..."

Ever been told you can make "up to" a per mile rate and found out the real pay is less? We tell you the averages so you have an honest reference to the income you can expect.

We pay all loaded and empty miles, detention pay and offer a mileage bonus program that means the more miles and time you have in this division, the higher your per-mile pay and more money in your pocket.

  • Mileage Base Pay: Commercial Truckload Division - $1.​​3​​6 Average (per all loaded and empty dispatched miles, including fuel surcharge).
  • Toll Allowance: $.03 paid on all loaded miles.
  • Fuel Surcharge: Provided based on current D.O.E. National Average, we have the highest surcharge for van type operations in the industry. Example: at $2.35, it is $.20, and at $3.35, it is $.38. Besides being the highest surcharge, it is paid on all dispatched miles (loaded and empty).
  • Fuel Discount Program: The average last year was $.​29 per gallon off the pump price, which means several thousand dollars saved per year.
  • Mileage Bonus Program: $.03 per mile from 32,500 - 65,000 miles and $.04 on 65,000+ miles for the first year.  Each year thereafter, an annual mileage bonus is paid on all miles over 65,000, increasing ​based on years of service and as follows: ​year 2-4 is $.10; year 5-9 is $.13; year 10-14 is $.16; and year 15 and beyond is $.19.

Above Average Earnings

Our pay is competitive across the industry to provide the solid income you seek. You can count on above-average rates per mile and assistance with expenses to maximize your earnings.

$1.​​3​6 Annual average per all dispatched miles.
(Includes Fuel Surcharge, which is paid on loaded and empty dispatched miles; the average above is based on past year earnings of drivers in this division)

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Driver Benefits

  • Fuel Surcharge paid on all dispatched miles
  • Discounted Fuel Program
  • Paid Permits and Cargo Liability Insurance
  • Free PrePass
  • Free Blue Beacon Truck Washes
  • Direct Deposit Settlements (weekly)
  • ComData Fuel Card (no hidden company charges)
  • National tire discounts
  • Bobtail insurance is included in contract
  • Clothing Allowance
  • Cell Phone reimbursement up to $50.00 per month
  • Click here to see more ​benefits

Optional Benefits

Additional Details

  • Expected miles (per week): 2100 - 2500 / teams: 3100 - 4000
  • Fuel-Saving Light loads
  • Flexible home time

Owner Operator Obligations

  • Base Plate – O/O supplied plate is allowed or Atlas supplied plate with settlement deduction
  • 12 years old or newer tractor
  • Center Pin on 7-way “Pigtail Plug” must be hot at all times on your tractor.
  • Will be using electronic logs and Qualcomm
  • Class A CDL License required with 1yr OTR experience
  • No DUIs in past 2 years
  • No felonies or incarcerations in the past 7 years

Orientation Policies

  • Daily per diem is paid while at Atlas for orientation
  • Will pay up to seven nights hotel charges while in orientation
  • Drivers are responsible for travel costs from home to Atlas


Our owner operators benefit from fuel surcharge paid on ALL MILES (loaded and deadhead), a national fuel discount program that rivals the industry’s largest carriers’, and light dry-van loads that average 15,000 – 25,000 lbs.

Fuel Surcharge

We pay fuel surcharge on all dispatched miles (loaded and deadhead), and our fuel surcharge increases faster than most (every $.05 instead of every $.10 like most carriers). We also pay a higher fuel surcharge amount than others. See the examples below.

Fuel Surcharge Examples
Annual National
Fuel Cost Average
Fuel Surcharge 2,500 miles Fuel Surcharge 115,000 miles
2016 = $2.30/gallon = $475 = $21,850
2015 = $2.71/gallon = $650 = $29,900
2014 = $3.82/gallon = $1,125 = $51,750

Fuel Discount Program

Our drivers enjoy a fuel discount program with reductions comparable or better than large fleet carriers. They can easily see an average savings at the pump of $50 - $85 per fill up, all depending on the size of their fuel tank and how much they are putting in. In some cases, they see discounts as high as $200+ on a single fill up​! This amounts to huge savings in operational cost​.

Fuel Discount Examples (estimated)
Annual National Fuel Discount Average 2,500 miles 115,000 miles Savings on 150 gallons Savings on 250 gallons
2016 = $.29/gallon = $121 = $5,558 = $43.50 = $72.50
2015 = $.34/gallon = $142 = $6,517 = $51 = $85
2014 = $.28/gallon = $117 = $5,367 = $42 = $70

Fuel Saving Light Loads

Our typical freight is dry-van shipments averaging between 15,000 - 25,000 pounds, saving our drivers fuel and wear and tear on their equipment. Typical commodities in the Commercial Truckload Division are retail fixtures, furniture, electronics, household goods (shipped from agent to agent), and trade show exhibits/items. Special Products Division transports truckload and LTL high-value commodities that often require special handling but do not weigh in heavy. Typical commodities include high-value products, electronics, delicate equipment, store fixtures, and trade show exhibits/items.
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